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Microdermabrasion & Hydro-Microderm With Sonophoresis Infusion.

Microdermabrasion is a mechanical form of exfoliation without chemicals or laser.

This clinical grade skin treatment will help minimise the signs of ageing, reduce the appearance of fine lines, increasing cell turn over and improve skin tone and texture, revealing a clearer, firmer looking skin. As well as transdermal infusions using sound waves to allow maximum absorption of serums & active ingredients.

We are also excited to offer Hydro-Microderm. This microdermabrasion treatment has a flow of hydrating solution that is delivered to your skin whilst gently exfoliating with the diamond tip.

It feels cool and gentle and is great for sensitive skin types.

30 minutes / $90       (With Rowann $111)
1 hour / $130.         
 (With Rowann $176)

1 hour customised facial - Including any additional advanced peels, epi levelling etc / $155

Add on Microdermabrasion to ANY treatment for just $37!

*includes waxing & tinting!

Peels - AHA, Lactic, Salicylic Acid & Retinol A

Our Aspect skincare peels are non-traumatic peels that gently stimulate healthy change deep in the skin, to create a beautiful, renewed complexion. You will achieve great results with minimal downtime.

Starter Peels:

ASAP Brighten 40% glycolic or Lactic Peel / $90
ASAP Advanced Reveal AHA/BHA Peel  / $90 / Add on $17*
ASPECT DR Lactobotanical Peel / $90 / Add on $17*

Advanced Peels:

ASPECT DR Retinol Brulee Peel / $116 / Add on $37*
ASPECT DR Pigment Peel / $116
COSMEDIX Pomegranate Peel / $90 / Add on $17*
COSMEDIX Deep VitA Timeless Peel / $116 / Add on $37*
COSMEDIX Deep VitA & C Benefit Peel / $116 / Add on $37*

*Add a Peel-Booster to ANY facial treatment**

Starter Peel Boosters / $17
Advanced Peel Boosters / $37
Advanced-MD Peel Boosters / $51

*not all treatments are suitable to combine with a peel & not all advanced peels can be used on some skins, we need to build you up to this stage. Our treatments will be completely customised to YOU - chat to us when you book in, and we will use the appropriate booster to achieve optimal results.


We use the latest non-invasive technology from Cutera, for laser hair removal, tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation and treatment of vascular lesions for all skin types. We have fabulous before and afters we look forward to showing you in the clinic.


Talk to us in clinic to learn more about our Cutera Laser Genesis and Englighten 3 Pico Gen and PicoGen FX treatments.


Medi-Facial with Aspect Dr, Cosmedix & ASAP

Indulge yourself with a relaxing, revitalizing facial, specialised for you. These relaxing treatments are designed to pamper the skin, and rest the mind.

A full consultation is carried out every time we see you, to ensure your treatment is exactly what your skin is needing that particular day.

25 minutes Bright Eyes treatment. / $51
30 minutes / $90
1 hour / $130
Customised facial including any advanced peels, epi levelling, etc / $155

** Add on microdermabrasion to any treatment (including tinting) / $37

Epidermal Leveling (AKA Derma-planing)

This is an advanced deep exfoliating treatment. We use a blade to exfoliate the skin and with it, comes the 'peach fuzz' hair. FYI - It does NOT grow back thicker or prickly at all, quite the opposite, it will come back very sparse & soft.

Ideal for:
Congested skin
Black heads
Dry, dull or lifeless skin

This treatment will give your skin a pick me up, enhance the effectiveness of your skin care & leave you feeling fabulous. One of our FAVOURITE treatments - a MUST try.

Express / $90
Full Facial / $130

Dermafrac Collagen Induction Therapy

DermaFrac is a micro-channeling facial for beautiful skin with no pain or downtime.

Safe and effective for many skin types and has been shown to improve appearance of conditions such as scars, stretch marks, skin dehydration, superficial fine lines & wrinkles, pigmented areas, sun spots and uneven skin tone. Your treatment will be individualized with a selection of a DermaFrac™ serum to target your specific condition.

DERMAFRAC Single treatment / $222
DERMAFRAC Single treatment + Red Light Healing Treatment, Specialist Mask & Massage / $272
DERMAFRAC + Laser Genesis Duo (2 Separate Appointments) / $353
5 + 1 FREE Course of 6 DermaFrac single treatments. Pay for 5 and get 1x FREE + post care kit) / $1110

Dermapen 4 Collagen Induction Therapy

Medical micro needles create tiny punctures at varying depths in the skin that then stimulate growth factors to enhance collagen production and better alignment of the collagen fibres, giving you softer, smoother, even toned skin.

Dermapen 4 is highly effective for:

  • Tissue regeneration
  • Skin rejuventation
  • Collagen induction
  • Scar reduction
  • Fine line reduction
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Isolated scarring
  • Deep wrinkle reduction
  • Hyper - pigmentation reduction
  • Pore size reduction
  • Stretch marks
  • Acne scarring
  • Skin tightening

Single Dermapen 4 Collagen Induction Facial Treatment / $389
Single Dermapen 4 Facial Collagen Induction Treatment incl Aspect Dr Treatment Serum /  $449, save $46
Dermapen 4 Skin Package / 3x Treatments & Free Aspect Dr Post Skin Care Kit / $999, save $329

Uber Peel Add On l $51

MG Serum Collection Add On l $61

PRIN Lymphatic Therapy Facial

L E V E L  1 

PRIN Lymphatic Treatment / $191

Happy, healthy skin requires vitamins, amino acids & proteins. All of which you will get from this treatment. Perfect if you have never had an advanced treatment or you are in between advanced treatments and are looking for some extra nourishment. 

L E V E L  2 

PRIN + Microdermabrasion or Epidermal Levelling / $212

Step it up a notch & give your skin the perfect base for the lymhatic treatment. 
Combination of Epidermal levelling with Prin to boost the results 
leaving your skin in ultimate condition. Epidermal levelling helps for 
removal or dead cell build up, increases the absorption of active skin 
products, minimses congestion and pore blockage, increases cell turnover
in the deeper layers of the skin.

'The Game Changer' 1 Hour Facial

  • Microderm exfoliation process
  • Personalised product infusion, Derma-rolled into your skin - infusing serums 200% further than can normally be absorbed. This rolling process, stimulates collagen growth, strengthens skin, reduces redness and pigmentation, and will have a huge hydrating effect.
  • Massage face, shoulder & décolleté 

PLUS take home your own personal derma-roller. Continuing this rolling method once a week at home will have HUGE benefits on your skin. (Roller Value of $150)

If you are looking for an advanced skin treatment.... try the Game Changer!

1 Hour Facial with take home Derma Roller / $251

Game Changer Facial

Mindful Touch Facial

This is a 1 hour customised facial with headphones to cut every ounce of noise out, leaving you with relaxing music, to sooth the mind and soul.

Customised Exfoliation process - Microderm, Professional Peels or Epidermal Levelling.
Face, Shoulder, Hand & Arm Massage.
Peptide Mask, Firming, Rehydrating, Cooling & Plumping.

Full 1 Hour Customised Facial / $155

Mindful Touch Facial Harleh Laser Clinic

60 Minute Customised Facial Treatment

This customised, results oriented treatment is as unique as you are! Our skin care experts work with you to meet your skin care goals. Whether your goal is anti-aging, or treating acne, hyperpigmentation, dryness, or inflammation.

We will discuss your daily regimen, home care, product education and design a treatment to help bring your current skin to a healthier state.

A 1 Hour Customised Facial tailored to your skin for maximum results.. 

1 Hour Customised Facial / $155

The Ultimate Glow

For The Advanced Facialist    -   $450

This facial is for someone who is serious about incredible results. Guarantee you will see visible results within days after this one in a million facial... and it continues working for the next 6wks at home !!


Laser Genesis
LED Light Treatment
Advanced Mask Treatment & Massage

75 Minutes of pure bliss!! 

Ask us if this is the right treatment for you x

Visia Skin Analysis

VISIA Skin Analysis is a 3D facial imaging machine. Fine lines, pigmentation, redness, sun damage or (pigment), pore size and even lash health is all measured from the surface (epidermis), to the deepest layers (dermis) of your skin (areas where the naked eye cannot even see).

From the analysis a specific treatment plan will be recommended.

VISIA skin analysis initial consult / $92 - redeemable on treatments and products purchased on the day.
VISIA skin analysis follow up / $52 - redeemable on treatments and products purchased on the day.

Visia Skin Analysis at Harleh Laser Clinic

Light Stim LED Therapy

LightStim LED Light is a gentle therapy that promotes a faster healing process. Suitable for breakouts, sensitive skin and facial treatments with fantastic anti-ageing benefits, stimulating collagen growth.

The myLED Face Mask uses two proven wavelengths of safe light emitting diodes; red (633nm) light and near infra-red (830nm) light. Clinical studies have shown these wavelengths stimulate the cells that produce collagen and elastin.

LED light therapy (originally developed by NASA to help fast-track healing) improves blood flow and tissue oxygenation through a process called photobiomodulation, which helps rebuild the damage caused by the ageing process. The myLED mask will assist with naturally plumper and clearer skin, with diminished fine lines and wrinkles through this at-home LED treatment

Single add onto any treatment  (15 minutes) / $40

Full LED Deluxe Facial treatment (30min) / $90

Take your own Light Stim therapy wand home / $450

EXTRACTIONS (Millia & black heads)

15 Minutes / $29

30 Minutes / $45

LED Light Stim

Ultimate Time Reversal Facial


Combining two of the most effective clinical treatments together - Microdermabrasion and Laser Genesis, this divine facial works to transform your skin. Targeting expression lines, crows feet, acne scarring + large pores, sun damage + collagen loss

Painless, relaxing, with no downtime. Perfect for a beautiful GLOW prior to any special event.

$301 (Usually $468)
*Terms and Conditions Apply. Not available in conjunction with any other offer.  Chat to us in clinic for full details.

Waxing & Lashes


Full Arm Wax / $47
Half Arm Wax / $32
Bikini or Underarm / $27
Extended Bikini Line / $44
Brazilian: First Time / $66
Brazilian: Follow Up / $54
Full Leg / $61
Half Leg / $41
Half Leg & Bikini / $53
Half Leg, Bikini & Underarm / $67
Full Leg & Bikini OR Underarm / $73
Full Leg, Brazilian & Underarm / $127
Wax Works: Full Leg, Bikini & Underarm / $97
Upperlip OR Chin Wax / $18
Lip & Chin Wax / $32
Lip, Chin & Brow Trio / $44
Full Face / $51


Brow Design / $24
Brow Tint / $19
Lash Tint / $26
Lash Tint & Brow Shape / $39
Brow Tint & Shape / $32
Lash Tint & Brow Tint / $37
Complete Eye: Both Tints & Shape / $49
Facial Bleaching / From $25

Henna Brow Tint / $37
Henna Brow Tint & Brow Shape / $52
Henna Brow Tint & Shape & Lash Tint  / $62


15 Minute Session / $48
30 Minute Session / $75

Yumi Lash Lift

The Yumi lash lift is a maintenance-free enriching treatment using a keratin protein formula to thicken, lengthen and condition your natural lashes.  It does not involve the use of harsh chemicals - no parabens or formaldehyde.

Yumi Lashes Lift originates from France, is vegan and cruelty-free and unlike many lash treatments it nourishes your lashes while giving them curl and fullness.

Yumi Lash Lift & Tint / $137

yumi lash lift Harleh Laser Clinic


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