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Laser skin rejuvenation

We are proud to bring the very best in laser technology to Pukekohe with our Laser Genesis, Pico Genesis and PicoGEN FX skin rejuvenation and pigmentation reduction treatments.

You can expect to see subtle yet consistent results after each laser treatment, without side effects such as bruising or excessive skin irritation and with minimal downtime!

Treatments are performed in a relaxed, comfortable manner - talk to us in clinic about the right laser treatment for your skin concern

Address a number of skin concerns effectively with laser skin rejuvenation

Acne scarring
Uneven skin tone
Enlarged pores
Rosacea and redness
Wrinkle reduction
Collagen stimulation
Sun damage
Toenail fungus
Irregular skin texture

Pico Genesis

PICO Genesis is perfect non-invasive laser treatment for addressing pigmentation concerns - targeting uneven skin tone, freckles, melasma, sun damage and darker pigmentation with gentle pulses of laser light to shatter pigment and reveal brighter skin.

The the most exciting part is we can treat all skin types, light to dark, which currently no other laser can achieve. 

Pico Genesis FX

PICO Genesis FX is a powerful non-invasive fractional laser treatment to stimulate collagen and address skin concerns like ageing, uneven texture, pigmentation and scarring. You'll notice a difference after one treatment, most often we recommend a course of 2-3 treatments for best results.

PICO Genesis FX is ideal to treat the face, neck and other areas of the body.

In-clinic laser results

Pico Genesis FAQ

What’s the difference between Pico Genesis and PicoGen FX?

Both treatments are both performed using the Cutera Enlighten 3 machine. The difference between Pico Genesis and PicoGen FX is they each target different levels of the skin to address different skin concerns.

Pico Genesis Is fantastic for reducing pigmentation and refining pores. It’s useful to treat sun damage, uneven skin tone to reveal a brighter more even appearance.
Gentle non-heating pulses of laser shatters area of pigment. Post treatment this pigment will start to fade.

PicoGEN FX targets skin at a deeper level. It’s fantastic for addressing age or scarring concerns like skin texture, loss of elastin, acne scarring as well as being effective on pigmentation.

We add a special end piece to the machine that turns it in to a fractional laser. PicoGEN FX is non-invasive – with little down time compared to more aggressive fractional lasers that have traditionally been on the market.

The fractional laser creates micro wounds in the upper layers of the skin to initiate a repair response – prompting collagen induction and renewal.

What does a treatment feel like?

Most people describe the feeling like short rubber band snaps against the skin. We can prepare the skin with a topical numbing cream if desired but most clients have found this isn’t necessary and experience a good level of comfort throughout the treatment.

What will my skin be like afterwards?

Immediately post treatment your skin will be red, this is normal and you can cover with makeup if desired.  A small number of people experience a response similar to hives which can be treated with over-the-counter antihistamines and subsides quickly.

Is there any downtime post-treatment?

Following the initial treatment redness will subside and you can carry on as normal using make up etc. Over the following days your skin may be a little sensitive as it begins the repair process – this differs for each person but some experience darkening in areas of pigment that have been treated, dry patches or minor crusting or flaking of the skin which soon sheds to reveal the tighter, brighter skin underneath.

If you have an important event coming up, it’s recommended we factor this in to your treatment plan. Let us know so we can help you plan around this.

How long until I notice results?

Pico Genesis and PicoGEN FX are powerful advanced laser treatments. The repair response from the skin will take some time to take effect and it is totally normal for skin to appear a little worse before it looks better.

Within 4-6 weeks you will start to enjoy the full results and these improve further over time.

How many treatments will I need?

You will notice a difference in your skin after just one treatment! A course of 2-3 treatments is usually recommended to see optimal results; this may vary depending on your skin concerns and the area we are treating. We will put together a treatment plan specifically for your skin.

I have hormonal pigment does Pico Genesis treat this?

This is where it gets really exciting! In most cases yes Pico will effectively target hormonal pigment. There isn’t much on the market for hormonal pigment, a lot of treatments can make it worse! (No thanks!) but the Pico Genesis technology is incredible. It uses gentle non-heating laser making it perfect for pigment that hasn’t been able to be targeted before, including darker skin tones!

I’m a darker skin ethnicity, is it safe for me?

Yes! We are so excited to bring this advanced laser technology to Pukekohe. There is nothing on the market that will treat pigment on a darker skin tones like the Cutera Enlighten 3 machine and we are proud to have one of only three machines in Auckland.

How much are Pico Genesis and PicoGEN FX treatments?

This will vary based on the area we need to treat and the concern we are treating.   Book in for a no obligation skin consult where we will discuss your skin concerns, the areas to be treated and we will put together a treatment plan and cost for you.

Is it safe?

Absolutely. Cutera is the world’s leader in advanced laser technology and is FDA and CE approved. We always conduct a thorough consultation to ensure laser is the right treatment for you, and will prepare you with any skin care you might need to use prior to your treatment to ensure the best possible outcome. 

How do I choose which treatment to have?

Book in for your free laser consult so we can discuss the best treatment for your skin concerns.

Is Pico Genesis and PicoGEN FX right for everyone?

There are only a few contraindications to be aware of with this laser such as being pregnant and some medications. We always start with a free consult to ensure laser is the perfect choice for you. 

Laser Genesis

The Laser Genesis procedure utilises non-invasive laser technology to safely, discretely and effectively treat fine-line wrinkles, diffuse excessive redness, treating Rosacea, and help manage large pores, uneven skin texture, and scars.

Laser Genesis works by gently heating the upper dermis deep below your skin’s surface, and supports collagen stimulation. Additional heat is generated in dilated capillaries to reduce redness.

Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment

This excel HR™ is a best-in-class podiatric laser for toes and nails, is a fast, effective and painless treatment for temporary increase of clear nail in patients with onychomycosis, without drug therapy.

Sun Damage & Pigmentation Treatment

excel HR™ treats pigmentation by generating a beam of intense, concentrated light. This beam of light brings energy to the specific site of pigmentation. The laser light is absorbed by the oxygen-carrying red blood cells and melanin pigment in the skin causing destruction by heat of unwanted cells whilst leaving healthy cells intact.

Book in with a laser technician for your skin consultation

Discuss your skin concerns with us and we will tailer a laser treatment program that's right for you. Test patching available.


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