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RASASARA wildcrafted black sesame oil



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100% wildcrafted black sesame oil

Rasasara wildcrafted black sesame oil is an Ayurvedic staple. Warmed and slathered on the entire body, this oil protects and nourishes the skin. Especially recommended for dry skin, black sesame alleviates psoriasis, excema, joint pain or stiffness. Black sesame is applied to babies from birth in India and is the perfect nourishing oil for baby massage or for children complaining of growing pains (a vata ailment). Always warm the oil before applying to the skin.

Black sesame oil [til] is the primary staple oil used by Ayurveda for external application when it comes to healing, nourishing & protecting the body & senses. Ayurveda espouses that oiling the skin daily [abhyanga] creates a protective, strengthening force field around you for the day.

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