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It's a masked world

It's a new world we live in now... Caring for your skin in this masked phase.

What a time huh! A masked world.

This is the difference now from contracting a potentially extremely harmful virus or not. So it goes without saying, we need to wear our masks to protect not just ourselves but our loved ones around us too.

But your skin ! You say. . We hear you, and feel you too, we have feedback with.... New dry, dehydrated skin, and also new acne, congestion & blackheads that weren't there before. It's a cruel world, but we have light at every tunnel friends. 

Wearing a mask constantly causes a microclimate of heat and humidity for the skin. (Like a muggy day in Bali x40) This unfortunate microclimate causes depletion in the skins natural oils and moisture which causes dehydration, dryness, imbalance of bacteria and even sensitivity. This is where we come in to help you support and nurture your skin back into balance.

We are always available via email, text, & social media anytime if you want to flick us a quick message, we can guide you for the best possible outcome. 

But for now, here is a few handy tips !

Double cleansing !!

Depending on the skin type, you may not need to cleanse in the morning, but if you are experiencing acne and breakouts we would highly recommend to cleanse every morning and use a warm cloth to remove. At night double cleanse !! This will truely make a massive difference ! Even cleanse, then use a light scrub, but be careful here we don't want you to over exfoliate, it can actually cause more damage. 

If you have more of a dry dehydrated skin then, still double cleanse at night, but your morning routine should always start with a warm wet cloth, pressed into skin & take some deep breaths. Its incredibly healing for the mind and soul and will remove any excess moisturiser and hydrate the skin ready to apply your serums and spf moisturiser. 

Aspect Probiotic Mask, has been a big seller this lock down (which you can actually get FREE this October with skincare purchases over $250). You can use this as a leave on night cream to rebalance the skin barrier & rehydrate the skin. Cleanse in the morning & apply your morning serums & moisturiser.

Secondly ... If your experiencing mask acne... keep things simple ! Do not apply too many serums, we would suggest after your morning cleanse, wipe over skin with a cotton pad & ASAP Platinum Liquid serum, (Tap these links of products for more info) then your light weight moisturiser or Aspect Problem skin serum (or Cosmedix Clarity Serum)

Consistency is key. 'It might not happen over night, but it will happen'. Keep up the good work, it will get better, there are other things that can actually be contributing to your breakouts, stress and food are two major ones so drinking lots of water & good rituals are a game changer. Go for a walk, take deep breaths, enjoy some yoga and stretching. All fantastic for the soul and skin. 

Taking Bestow Beauty Capsules are also an incredible supplement to take, they have vital minerals and vitamins in them to support healthy skin growth & healing! (Highly recommend taking these pre and post vaccination !!)

So you have major breakouts and you wish to rid them ASAP..... If you can, then LED light every night is absolutley amazing. Its actually a collagen stimulating light (which if you think about it is the same thing as healing, rebuilding the skin). Extremely healing on any type of wound, sensitive skin, or breakouts. 2 Birds... 1 Stone, you can use this light around face to stimulate new collagen growth for fantastic anti ageing properties... but for now, we are going to use it to heal those breakouts STAT. 

We have two options for our LED lights, a Full Face LED Light, or Hand Held LED Light. You should be able to tap those links of words there or search on our website LED, which will come up with the two options & in depth information on them. 

So we hope we have helped you in some way with a few handy tips, but we are always here for you! We just love what we do, and have such a huge range of skin care and options. Sometimes the best way is to flick us a message we can see what you already have at home and go from there.

We cant wait to see you soon !!!! 

Love Harleh girls x


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