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Our truth on sensitive skin

Sensitive ..... or Sensitised

The Truth about Sensitive versus Sensitised skin

These terms are often used when talking about sensitivity to products and the environment. But to the average person they may not know the difference nor how to improve or maintain their skin.

So what really is the main difference between a sensitive and a sensitised skin?

Sensitive skin, is a skin TYPE that can be fragile, and needs taken care of delicately whether a client is healthy or not. This is genetic and needs good healthy habits and good quality skincare to manage. (We love Janines approach to healthy skin from the inside out with our Bestow Beauty range and get A LOT of amazing results with this combined with our customised skincare recommendations).

Sensitised skin is generally a response from the skin, which has come about due to overuse of active or stripping products as well as excessive environmental stress or poor diet. These promote symptoms such as
- Dryness and uneven texture

- Sensitivity/stinging/warmth

- Acne or congestion

- Dull tired complexion

I know... its just all a big spiralling effect.. but we can absolutely help you! 

An 'acne skin' or 'eczema' skin ... can sometimes be put down to skincare that just isn't right for you, and actually causing you the breakouts or impaired skin barrier.

So now that we know that difference, lets talk about how to manage these issues.

A sensitive skin will need gentle care and ongoing positive consideration. Where a sensitised skin may only need a period of healing and strengthening while you make some lifestyle changes. This takes a minimum of 3 months’ 
Introduce your products one at a time. This will allow you to identify which products work with your skin and which may need replacing or can potentially be re-introduced later, when the skin is stronger and more tolerant.

Cleansers -Stick to a gel-based antioxidant cleanser or an oil/balm cleanser. Anything that is foamy will likely further strip the skin and promote dryness and dehydration
Cleansing in the morning can encourage more sensitivity and is essentially unnecessary. Alternatively, you can try soaking the skin with a warm damp towel to remove any perspiration, dust or left-over PM products. 

Soothing oil - A soothing oil will help to repair and maintain the essential barrier of the skin, preventing toxins and irritants from getting in. As well as locking in hydration which is vital for regular skin function. Apply only a Nourishing oil both AM and PM for about a week before introducing your hydrator.

Hydrators - As we mentioned previously, moisture is essential for regular function of the skin and enzyme activity. Your hydrator should contain lots of antioxidants and soothing properties. This will visibly plump and revitalise the skin whilst providing key nutrients and vitamins. (quick hint.. our Resveratrol Aspect Dr is our BIGGEST seller and so beneficial for so many skins). Choose a hydrator that is light in consistency and easily absorbed by the skin. Your hydrator should be applied first and followed by your soothing oil.

A healthy gut (click here)
Diet - (Bestow Beauty Website have an incredible amount of amazing information and many talented staff to answer any tricky questions you may ever have).
Treat your skin from within with a nutrient loaded diet. Don’t forget to include essential fatty acid rich oils ion you diet such as Bestow Beauty Oil. For your first 3 months it is crucial to avoid all heating and congesting foods to allow this skin time to recover. 

We always offer free consultations to chat any further about anything you wish to ask us ! And happy to sample you on any skincare you want to trial out.

We look forward to seeing you soon x


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