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Our skins microbiome

Why is our microbiome so important?

What is your microbiome?

Well arguably its the most important part of our skin & system. We need this bacteria on the outer layers of our skin to protect it & vital for immune system. 

If this is impaired or unbalanced you may suffer from, redness, dry and flaky, sensitive to many products, even eczema or dermatitis. 

So how do we maintain a good microbiome ?

Lets start at the beginning. (There is actually a lot of info we can go into but lets keep it short) Gut Microbiome is where it all begins and so important for our all over health and wellbeing. If its wrong here, then we can have a lot of issues. Which is why we love working with Bestow Beauty range, developed especially to heal, repair, balance, soothe & create a healthy home for good bacteria & fungi in our digestive area, so the rest of our system can do its thing perfectly.

Just a big 'snow ball effect' if we have good microbiome then everything else will roll on from there wonderfully. 

So if you are having some problems with your skin, Bestow Love Your Gut Powder is a must, as well as the Bestow Beauty Oil too. But as everyone is so different we do recommend a free consult and chat with one of our trained staff members to get exactly the care you need, there are so many avenues we can go down for you to suit you as an individual.

Janine has written a book now with so much information on it, available on our website, called, The Gut Connection.

Lets talk about microbiome on the SURFACE of your skin now, this too is so so important and so many skins we see have an imbalance, or have been stripped completely of it, resulting in red, irritated & just angry skin.

There is loads of reasons why this might be happening to you, but things that may help you are:

- A gentle cleanser. (We LOVE Cosmedix Oil Cleanse)

- STOP over exfoliating !! your scrubbing away the microbiome and protective layer. (Aspect Fruit Enzyme mask is a great option for you as its gentle and hydrating too)

- Cosmedix Probiotic Mask (you can use this as a night cream too & cleanse in the morning)

- Cosmedix NEWEST product just released this week, B Complex Powder. This is for YOU. Simply mix it in with your day or night moisturiser or serums. Designed to clarify & rebalance skin surface to support the microbiome & moisture layers of skin.

- PCA Hydrating Boosting Serum, is quite possibly the best serum you will ever use. I have used many many hyaluronic serums (and all of our clients will agree with me here when I say) but this is stands out far from the rest. Will hold water in your skin leaving it plump, soothed, radiant and just plain fabulous.

- Aspect Dr Resveratrol Cream, is our biggest seller in the moisturising department. Perfect consistency, not too heavy, not too light, full of anti ageing anti oxidants. The perfect cream all round.

All of these products will suit any skin type, & will be LOVED. 

But if you have any concerns please message us and we will head you in the right direction.

Hope this has been helpful ! 

Love Harleh Team 


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