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Rachel's Skin Transformation

Just a girl out to seek a skin transformation

Day 1: My Visia Consultation & Photos.

"Visia is amazing! Its absolutely incredible to see, quite literally, what lies beneath. To be honest its quite confronting as well. I can definitely see the evidence of a childhood spent in the sun without the knowledge we all have now about sunscreen (wear it!!)"

There comes a time when, you know what. You just have to do it for YOU

My first consult.. I would like to look 10yrs younger please (giggle)

The consults are fantastic. Not only I feel at home & comfortable with my therapist but professional & thorough too. There was no push that I HAD to purchase a tonne of skincare, just pure honesty and my best interests & questions answered.

And so my Journey begins for greater skin ! I can’t wait to see the results! Naturally I want to see it tomorrow but of course I know it’s progress. So I’m going to document how this venture goes.

The dermapen isn’t painful but it isn’t bliss either. 

Hannah is incredible and her soothing hands naturally induce an expectation of nirvana but this treatment is a little more hardcore. After all this is a program not an instant fix and you definitely feel like there is progress towards a greater good. Its absolutely not painful at all but its not a complete relaxation therapy either. That doesn’t mean its not enjoyable. 

The soothing mask at the end takes divine to a new level.  My skin is super sensitive in the absolute ridiculous (and this is something this treatment helps to reduce overall). 

Where most people will be a bit tender for a few hours, I will be a beetroot for at least three days. The first night my skin wasn’t sore, but it was sensitive and very red. The cosmedix serums were brilliant! (I used Cosmedix Reduce). By the morning everything had settled down and my teenage daughter was saying to me “mum what have you done to your skin – it looks good”. 

Its way too soon for results but hey – if a teenager is going to give you a compliment…… Next treatment is 6 weeks time, and to be honest, probably too soon to see major changes on the Visia – but I cant wait to check it out.  Based on experience to date – my Christmas shopping list just got a whole lot shorter

Before Photo.

Visia First Photo. 30th July 2020 Harleh Laser Clinic

Day 3 - Day 5.

Day 3: I have to admit, maybe the teenage daughter does know a thing or two – my skin DEFINITELY feels softer.

Day 4: Starting to see some dry skin so have added my usual moisturiser (aspect DR) to the regime.
(I was told after a couple of days, my skin top layer will shed, and tighter softer skin will immerse) Also used the 'Cosmedix serum 16' for the first time (retinol for starters). My skin usually has a hissy fit at this stuff (even the best vitA) but it actually felt really nice and, even better, no reaction!!

Day 5: Can very, very definitely see a difference in my skin (even when I put my contact lenses back
in). Looking “brighter” and less “tired”. Still having to use a bit more moisturiser than normal but
nothing major. I think its also time to consider that my usual caffeine oriented hydration
programme needs to have a LOT more water added. VitA usually has quite a reddening effect on my
skin but still have nothing. I will be really, really happy if this can be de-sensitised. 

(Excitingly!) My Second DermaPen Treatment.

Leading up to Dermapen #2:

Based on evidence, it would seem lockdowns don’t create the most relaxing atmosphere. Working
from home, home schooling, trying to organise grocery pickups oh and a dental abscess. Add these
stresses to your skin and what better time for hubby to decide to install an extremely bright, rather
harsh new light over the mirror in the bathroom…… Unbelievably my skin is still looking really good.
Even better still, I can use retinol DAILY without the red hissy fit and eruptions.

Dermapen 2
Day 1 – Treatment Day
The second treatment is a little more intense than the first but, thanks to the pre- treatment
numbing cream, you don’t feel it and the facial element is still, quite simply, heavenly bliss. I could
easily become addicted to this.

The surface reaction from my skin isn’t as pronounced this time and I am really hoping this means I
will continue to see a desensitisation to Retinol (among other things). 

With the increased intensity of the treatment I can expect impurities to work their way out (oh yay teenage problem skin again)
BUT the exciting part is what lies beneath. That younger looking skin will start to emerge as my
system is kicked into skin repair overdrive.

As we move into spring and summer it is going to be critical to remember the SPF. During the week I
usually rely on the protection offered by my make-up but, as my skin improves, I am wearing make
up less and less. 

I swear by colore science sunforgetable in the weekends (I even put it on the backs
of my hands when horse riding) and I can see this is going to need to be incorporated into my
weekday morning routine in place of foundation.
The visia was busy this morning so we didn’t get a look beneath the surface. Its probably too soon to
see much anyway but we are going to have a look in a couple of weeks time.

Second Visia Photos

Well I was looking forward to it, but I am BLOWN away ! I knew my skin looked and felt great, but seeing it under this machine again and comparing is totally amazing. SO happy.

My eyes feel amazing ! My skin texture and pores feel so smooth & radiant. Its like a new skin, and i have more treatments to do yet, very excited to see further results.


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