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Home DermaRolling

How did you survive your home isolation?

This was a difficult time for a lot, but there are so many wonderful things that have come out of it.

We spent lots of time putting some awesome ideas over our social media for home skin care tips.

The perfect time to get stuck into advanced treatments like DermaRolling at home.

A DermaRoller must be purchased from a reputable clinic and not online. You must get the right needle length to ensure you do not damage your skin, and know it is a sterile product.

Sounds scary, but i assure you it is not. It will not hurt, just feels little prickly over skin surface. With our Clinical Home Rollers, you will never break the skin surface.

 Advantages of Rolling at home:

* Infuses your skin care 200x more. 

* Stimulates cell turn over and healthy collagen production.

* Will dramatically improve acne scarring and open pores.

* Will strengthen a thinning skin and elastin loss.

* Helps infuse pigment lightening serums and breakup unwanted sun damage or hormonal pigment. 

* Simply will give your skin a real glow and bright look and feel.

So how do you use it?

Dab some blobs of your Hyluronic serum or VitB serum over your face and roll, roll, roll in a cross # action. Over forehead, around eyes (get those frown lines!), cheeks, lips, neck... the lot!

After rolling for 5mins or so, you can now apply your prescribed serums and moisturiser your clinician has recommended for you.

Please ensure you use the right product we don't want your skin feeling irritated. 

Simply the best home treatment you could possibly do & the Rolls Royce of anyones secrets.

 After the application, the epidermis is reconstructed. You notice an improvement of the skin texture within a few days of first using it, you can feel that your skin is extremely soft and smooth; your skin has a healthy glow. 

The fine micro needles stimulate the renewal of the epidermis; improve the blood circulation and microcirculation.The Home Care DermaRoller has 162 needles with a length of 0.2 mm. It comes with a hospital grade skin disinfectant we use to sterile it at home after each treatment.

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