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Before & After Shots From Harleh's Clients

Before and after photos are paramount to show you just how amazing our products and treatments really are !

We love to use our own examples and only ever recommend to you, what we know will work and give you the best possible outcome from your treatments and skincare. 

Brand new, and exclusive to South Auckland - Cutera Enlighten3

Cutera Enlighten is a laser we use that has the latest technology of Pico Second laser. A shattering effect on pigment without the heat like usual lasers.

This means we can treat ALL skin ethnicities & melasma, which is just ground breaking! We are so pleased to be sharing with you some of our progress.

Tattoo Removal with Cutera Enlighten3

Having the newest technology in Tattoo Removal as well as the pigment removal has been so rewarding. Each person will be slightly different as to how long it will take to remove a tattoo, many factors come into your personal result which we can chat about, but here is some progress shots so far.

Pigment Reduction

Below is a series of 2 Laser Pigment reduction treatments, using Cutera Alexandrite 755nm

3 Part series to reduce pigment on face, 2x Cutera Alexandrite Pigment Laser Treatments.

Above is right side of face. 2x Cutera Alexandrite Laser sessions

Hands - 1x Cutera Alexandrite Laser session.

This face pigmentation reduction is after just ONE Dermafrac Skin Needling Treatment & correct homecare.

After just 2 Laser sessions we were able to reduce this pigment significantly 


4 part series of Dermastamp, to reduce pore size 3 sessions

Right photo, before Dermastamp. Left photo after 1 session of Dermastamp - Collagen Induction Therapy

3 Part series to brighten skin with Dermastamp Skin Needling.

1x Dermastamp session to reduce forehead lines. As you can see the needles also break up pigmentation to leave skin brighter, even, tighter & glowing.

Forehead also showing fantastic pigment reduction using Skin Needling technique.

Reducing breakout scars and uneven skin tone with Skin Needling technique. 1x session

Photo after just one Dermastamp Skin Needling session to tighten and reduce redness.

Laser Genesis

Above, this 3part series we had wonderful results with reducing her Rosacea on cheeks, chin, forehead with 5x Laser Genesis treatments, then when the skin was strong we did 1x Dermastamp to tighten and reduce more redness.

Above is after just 8x simple Laser Genesis treatments consecutively weekly for 8wks to reduce and break up deep pigment.

Revitalash Serum to lengthen lashes

This is one of our girls above, who used the lash serum for 12wks. The first photo is the day before she started, second was 8wks, and third was 12wks of using the serum. NO mascara is on the lashes in any photographs.

Again photos of lash serum progress, these lashes are much shorter than the lady prior, (again NO mascara) bottom photo day before we started, Top photo is 12wks of using lash serum.

Peels before and afters

Above is one of our girls after just 4 customised peels.

This client also had 4 peels and Bestow Beauty's inner health home care.

Vien Reduction

We specialise in vein reduction her at Harleh Laser Clinic. We use a NdYag 1064 Cutera Laser which is specifically designed for veins. Without heating any surrounding skin tissue, the laser will shut down the vein instantly. 

Here we have a client of ours with veins over her checks, the middle picture is immediately after her laser session, you can see they have disappeared or significantly reduced ready for her body to disperse of them. The bottom one of the series is 2wks post treatment, looking fabulous.

Leg veins are also a huge one for us, we do alot of these and again extremely good results.

Pico Genesis and PicoGEN FX

Amazing Results after only 1x Pico Genesis Spot Treatment


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