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Yumi Lash Lifts

Instantly satisfying, and super glamorous you will love the look of longer, fuller lashes, that unlike lash extensions is maintenance free.


Allow me to introduce you to the Yumi Lashes Lash Lift. Created by Co-owner Rebecca Hutchinson of Lash Noir and Lash Ink this treatment is a natural way to show off your best assets, which can be done in your lunch hour. "The secret to the luscious result is the keratin protein in this formula that helps thicken and condition the natural lashes." Hutchinson is quick to point out that the Yumi Lashes Lash Lift originates from France, is vegan and cruelty-free and unlike many lash treatments it nourishes your lashes while giving them curl and fullness. "The lash lift is not a perm as such; it doesn't involve the use of harsh, smelly chemicals (no parabens or formaldehyde), it's a keratin enriching technique that lifts your lashes and encourages them to look thicker and longer."

Step one
From start to finish the process takes just over an hour. Pads are applied over the lower lashes, while the top eyelashes stick to tacky silicone curled pads for about 30 minutes. I

Step two
The Yumi lashes solution is applied to the top lashes only, which softens, lifts and curls your lashes. It also loads them with keratin protein, which helps to strengthen lashes at the same time. The solutions is removed after 12 minutes and then lashes are ready to darkening.

Step three
The lashes get tinted blue-black, and once wiped clean, the result is impressive. The lashes double in length and fullness, even though they are the same old lashes, they also look permanently lifted and curled. They look even fuller and glossy black - it's genius.

Top tips

Yumi Lashes Lash Lift thickens the lashes for six to 10 weeks depending on how fast your natural lashes grow.

Hutchinson's aftercare advice includes not getting lashes wet for 48 hours, no spas or makeup because the product continues to develop overnight. However, after that, you can wear mascara and makeup, and do any lash activity as normal.  

The Yumi Lashes Lash Lift costs $137 including the lash tint.


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