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Chemical peel? Acid Peel? Skin peel? What is it?

The names "Chemical Peel" and “Acid Peel” can sound intimidating, however, you won't leave our clinic looking like Samantha from that one episode of Sex and the City! The post-peel reality is a glowing, healthy complexion!

A Skin Peel, which is a much nicer term, is a safe, controlled, effective treatment performed by our highly trained therapists. Something important to note is each Skin Peel we have in the clinic is different and the outcome of your Skin Peel Treatment will depend on the type of Skin Peel performed by your therapist.

When receiving a Skin Peel Treatment in the clinic it will always be tailored to your specific skin needs.

So… What is a Skin Peel?

A Skin Peel is an advanced Facial treatment that can exfoliate and remove dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin more effectively than other forms of exfoliation such as physical or manual exfoliation. In the clinic, we can achieve a lot more than just the removal of dead skin cells as we have a wide range of Skin Peels with a huge range of benefits.

A course of Skin Peels is recommended to help to improve/target the appearance of your skin concerns whether its texture, visible signs of aging or pigment.

Below is an image that briefly shows how deep some Skin Peels can penetrate the skin.

Can I have a Skin Peel?

Absolutely! Peels are easy to work into a busy lifestyle as they don't take long to perform and they have very minimal downtime.

We recommend prior to having a Skin Peel treatment that you have a consultation in the clinic so we can make a plan to target your concerns and understand your individual needs and desires. If necessary, you will be recommended specific skin care which will facilitate the best results and decrease the risk of unwanted side effects to ensure the best treatment possible. 

How often can I have a Skin Peel?

This will depend on the depth of the Skin Peel treatment and the condition of your skin. At your first consultation, a treatment plan to reach your skin goals will be put in place with specific durations made between bookings. Usually, four to six treatments are required at 2-4 week intervals but this can vary according to skin type, degree of skin damage and the desired levels of improvement.

What Skin Peels do we offer?

We have Skin Peels in the clinic that are perfect for a Friday Night leaving your skin fresh and nourished for the weekend to Retinol Peels that will have downtime (possible dryness). 

Some of our favourites in clinic Skin Peels are…

Cosmedix Timeless Peel - A retinol Skin Peel ideal for those chasing the dream of ageless beauty, battling pigmentation, scars, or acne, the Timeless Peel offers a solution, where timeless beauty becomes more than just a dream.

PCA Pigment Peel - The triple threat Skin Peel that exfoliates and lifts existing visible hyperpigmentation while inhibiting melanin production. Featuring a tyrosinase inhibitor that prevents the formation of new visible hyperpigmentation while slowing the production of melanin. While calming the skin with an anti-inflammatory botanical extract that supports the skin barrier. 

PCA No Peel Peel - Your Friday Night Skin Peel! She gently exfoliates, helps smooth skin and boosts brightness while being universal for all skin types and concerns!

As much as we absolutely love Skin Peels and we could rave about them all day long, it is important to note here at Harleh Laser Clinic we use cosmeceutical skincare meaning medical-grade and backed by science and research. We are highly trained and know what we are doing. If you're thinking of getting a Skin Peel treatment, we cannot stress this enough, make sure you go somewhere that is trained and knows what they are doing x


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