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Your biggest Laser hair removal questions answered

What is Laser Hair removal? 

Laser hair removal is a form of hair reduction that targets the hair follicle. 

Direct targeted heat is used to kill off the hair follicles (incredibly without heating surrounding skin tissue) forcing the hairs to stop growing. A laser is a coherent light (coherent meaning a beam, consistent energy in one beam not lost), the energy in the laser stays the same from the top of the hair follicle to the bottom. 

Here at Harleh our Cutera Laser Machine has two different wavelengths Alexandrite 755nm (a laser wavelength measurement) and NDYag 1064nm, an advanced dual action wavelength machine, which means it is 100 percent safe to treat all skin types all year around. 

Our Cutera laser machine is FDA and CA-approved. It is a medical-grade machine. You are in the best hands, all of our laser technicians are completely trained and fully qualified. 

Here is why we are the BEST, you are so lucky to be in the hands of an advanced laser technician that has not only a huge amount of experience but is internationally trained too. 90 years of experience collectively between 6 of our senior staff. How amazing is that? 

The scary part about New Zealand & some of Australia, is that laser, IPL, and advanced therapies are not policed (as such) well at all, and in my opinion, a lot of the ‘training’ therapists say they get truly isn't good enough and can be quite dangerous to be in the wrong hands (not to mention a waste of time and money).

Speaking of IPL… What IS the difference between IPL and Laser Hair removal?

IPL is commonly mistaken for laser hair removal, IPL stands for intense pulsed light. IPL is an INCOHERENT (think of a house light bulb, the light is incoherent and will flash and disperse in the skin, literally heating everything it touches), and a light that uses many different wavelengths. This technology means the light isn’t very direct, and often will leave you with hairs that will not be treated (especially deep hairs). Laser hair removal is a coherent light so it is far more direct into each hair follicle. 

What's the biggest mistake people make when choosing to get laser hair removal? 

There are a few big mistakes people make. Not seeing someone who is licensed or certified with experience. Not completing your full course of treatments consecutively. The next is not really knowing what you are getting. 9/10 times it is IPL, NOT Laser, and may not be suitable for you.

How many treatments do I need? 

It varies from person to person. Typically, it requires six to twelve treatments. The process is only effective during your hair's active growth cycle, which is influenced by one's hormones and genetics. Only 20 percent of your hair is in the active growth cycle at any given time so you will need to return for visits, 4-8 weeks apart depending on how your hair growth is looking. Because this is such a powerful laser light, we often find our clients spacing their treatments far apart as it can take some time for hair to grow back.

How do I know if laser hair removal is safe for me? 

Before we perform any laser treatments we will do a full consultation with you to assess hair type, and colour of hair, and customise your treatment to your needs. 

At this time we will go over your medical history and make sure laser hair removal is safe for you, some medications are light sensitive which means we can't perform laser hair removal on you without a doctor's consent. Once we know it's safe we will quote the areas you are interested in and get you booked in for your first treatment giving you all of the pre-care for your first laser hair removal treatment. 

Will I be 100 percent hair free? 

It is scientifically impossible to be 100 percent hair-free, Laser hair removal provides a 70 - 90 percent hair reduction 

Invest in yourself, we promise it's worth it x


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