RASASARA Tridoshic Cleansing Compress Drops



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palmarosa  •  jasmine  •  cedarwood

Ayurveda understands the importance of warmth when it comes to cleansing the skin;  compressing the skin too cleanse with warm water, infused with cleansing essential oils upon waking & sleeping, is profoundly beneficial for all 3 doshas (skin types). It's such a simple practice that yields amazing results i.e toxins are expelled and removed without disturbing the pH of the skin, skin feels immediately softer, the appearance of fine lines are diminished, and a healthy glow is restored.
Owing to their high essential oil composition, cleansing compress drops are not  for use directly on the skin  - instead they are diluted in water. The essential oils are blended and preserved with coconut fractions (so you also get the benefits of coconut oil).

Complete Ingredient list: Coconut fractions / *Palmarosa / Jasmine Absolute / Cedarwood Essential Oils.

*Certified Organic


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